RPG of the Month – Magical Kitties Save the Day

April 10, 2021

Date(s): Saturday April 17th & Sunday April 25th at 11am

Ever wanted to not work, not responsibility, just cat? Well, we have exactly the game for you!

This is a quick, fun, easy RPG where, you guessed it, you get to be a kitty. Live your dream and be any kind of cat you want with any awesome name you can imagine – Jasper, Socks, Lady Monster Truck – and save the day from aliens, witches, or your human’s existential crisis! Magical Kitties Save the Day is the 1-2 hour dose of escapism your life needs and it’s the purrrfect game for all ages.

Join Magical Kitty keepers, Meagan and Elizabeth, on either of our play days (Saturday 4/17 and Sunday, 4/25 at 11 AM)! The event is FREE but spots are first-come first-served, so please be sure to shoot us a Facebook message, drop by in person, or give us a call at (832) 761-0072 to reserve your place. There is a cap of 6 players per date.


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