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A little over 35 years ago I walked up to my friend Mandy in a library on campus and asked her, almost out of the blue, “So, how much do you think it would cost to open a comic book store?” and watched her stunned reaction. Then I turned around and walked off, chuckling evilly to myself.

A few months later, in June of 1986, we attended a local convention and started letting people know that we would be opening soon. And, after far too little research, funding or business knowledge, the first Dragon’s Lair Comics & Fantasy ® shop opened its doors on September 3rd of 1986.

Since then we’ve made a lot of friends, learned a lot about business and shared fun times with many great people while supporting a community that we all love. With the support of those friends and thousands of customers who have shared our vision and our love of comics, games, cards and fantasy, our little shop has grown to a franchise covering several locations across two states!



The success of our fantasy shop franchise wouldn’t be possible without our dedicated owners across two states. Our founder and owners all share a love of comics and games and are dedicated to providing inclusive and professional stores for us all to enjoy.


Angie and Jason Yackley

After more than a decade working at and managing comic book stores, Angie and her brother Jason (a former NASCAR mechanic) purchased the original Dragon’s Lair Comics & Fantasy ® shop in 2015.

Now, aided by cats and numerous enthusiastic employees, they fight a never-ending battle to provide an inclusive, professional and fun place for people to gather, play games, talk about comics and find neat stuff!


Phil Siewert

I became enamored with the Dragon’s Lair Comics and Fantasy® franchise in late 2020 while contemplating a career change. As a lifetime tabletop gamer, role player and comic book fan, I have personally benefited from the communities that comprise local comic book shops, card shops and game stores.

We strive to provide a safe, inclusive and family friendly space to shop, explore and experience the fun and fantasy that surrounds comic books, graphic novels, manga, board games, card games, miniature games and more! Our goal is to complement and help grow the existing comic book and tabletop gaming community in Columbus by offering a premier retail location and event space.

I hope to see you soon.


Robert and Christine Prohl

On December 3rd, 2016, Dragon’s Lair Comics & Fantasy ® North Houston opened its doors. On that day Robert, with the help of his loving wife Christine, fulfilled a long-held dream of his, of being more involved in the comic book and game community that he loves, and owning his own store. Since that day it has welcomed thousands of customers and friends (and a few cats) within its walls.

In 2022, thanks to the support of their community, Robert and Christine were able to move the store into a new 10,000 square foot location. August of that year saw the official opening of the Tabletop Tavern inside their store, serving coffee, beer, wine and good food!


The Mundy Family

In 2017 the Mundy Family had a dream. They wanted to open a comic book and game shop in Northwest San Antonio. On December 1st of that year the dream became a reality. Five years later, they (with the help of employees, friends, customers… and their cat Merlin) provide a friendly and professional place for the comics and games community to come together and have fun! (Merlin takes all the credit, of course.)

Each week they host a trivia challenge (with prizes!). Come and play! Check out the many fun events they have every week.

Join us and be part of the family!


The Medical Center location started out in 1996 as Excalibur Comics & Video, a comic book store that specialized in manga and anime related material. We became part of Dragon’s Lair Comics & Fantasy ® after our 2001 purchase by company founder David Wheeler.

In 2017, we became the first Dragon’s Lair Comics & Fantasy ® franchise in San Antonio. We continue to invest in new products, store upgrades and gaming space to accommodate our growing community. We are also the first WPN Premium Store of South/Central Texas.

We strive to provide an inviting and inclusive place to shop and game at, with the emphasis on customer service and fun!


David Wheeler

I have a great love of libraries and, from a young age, haunted them. Inside those walls I found collections of Batman, Superman, Shazam and other superheroes.

I started helping out at comic book stores while I was in Elementary school. When I got to college I worked at two comic book stores before I opened Dragon’s Lair Comics & Fantasy ®.

In many ways I opened my store, with a lot of help and support from customers and friends, so that we could have a place to share our passions for comics and games.

More than thirty-five years later I still love what I do!


Lair Beast

From the first day that Dragon’s Lair Comics & Fantasy ® opened its doors, our game and comic book store has been home to Lair Beasts of all sorts. Cats, corgis, chinchillas and dragons (bearded) have occupied these halls. Find out about our current denizens here!

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July 10, 2024

Infinite D&D Adventure

The 50th Anniversary of D&D brings us new goodies that cast the eye back over the game’s history.  The latest adventure tome, Quests From the I...

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Since 1986, Dragon’s Lair Comics & Fantasy ® has worked to provide a safe, welcoming and inclusive environment for any member of the comics and gaming community.


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