A Cat’s Day by Genie Lang from Shortbox

April 28, 2022


A new 170+ page slice-of-life fantasy graphic novel involving Sam, a magic time-travelling diary + many cats= what could go wrong…?

ShortBox is proud to present our very first original graphic novel: ‘A Cat’s Day’ by Genie Liang! 170 pages of fun, gorgeously-illustrated, slice-of-life fantasy!

‘There’s nothing Sam would love more than to have more time: time to spend eating delicious food at her gran’s, time to play around with her cheeky younger brother and their cat, Tangy – maybe even time to actually have hobbies! But getting in the way of time is WORK. It’s not that Sam doesn’t like her job, but it doesn’t leave much room for anything else. Could the answer to this conundrum lie in a time-travelling diary bestowed to her by a mysterious, magical feline who doesn’t seem in the least bit suspicious at all…?’

Expected Release: September 2022


February 28, 2023


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