Action Comics #1051 Review

March 11, 2023

Bryan (Social Media Manager) from the Lair here with a quick review of Action Comics #1051. With issue #1052 releasing just last Wednesday, what better time to catch you up on the last issue? Warning, spoilers ahead…

If you missed it, Action Comics has come out of its most recent soft reboot with a big swing and this one was not a miss. Metallo makes for a great Superman villain and it’s always nice to see the man of steel go toe to toe with one of his more powerful villains. I can’t wait to see where the relationship between Luthor and Metallo goes. This poor guy has been put in a bad situation by Lex and it can’t end well for him.

As far as the Lois and Clark back-up story goes, I don’t think anyone complains when they get to read young Jon Kent stories and this one satisfies. Jon is a hero through and through, even if the best intentions often lead to less than fortunate outcomes. Of special note is the early fake out that Jon has been abducted by some random villain only to discover a surprise Lois and Clark have in store for him.

That brings us to the second back-up featuring Power Girl. As many know, Power Girl has developed psychic powers due to exposure to the Lazarus rains. This development leads to a heartwarming encounter with Gar Logan a.k.a. Beast Boy. The result is sad but hopeful as Gar begins to come out of a PTSD-like episode after being shot in the head by Deathstroke. We can only hope this is the beginning of a recovery for Gar.

Well, that rounds out the first issue! Don’t forget to pick up issue #1052 to continue finding out what makes this family so super!

-article by Bryan P.