Featured Game: Spell Smashers

April 9, 2019

Are you ready for a spell-tacular monster fight? Use your litany of literary linguistic skills to spell away the baddies. Equip yourself with weapons and armor that give you an edge, and stock up on potions to morph that U into a W. It's Scrabble meets dungeon crawl!

Spell Smashers letters

Including a solo mode, Spell Smashers can play between 1-5 players. Draw a hand of 7 letters, and spell words to fight the monsters. Add up damage dealt to gain ale and coins for winning, and collect the monster trophy to use in other words later. But be careful fighting the bigger monsters that might wound you, causing you to draw the more difficult letter combinations like X and Q!

Spell Smashers components

Another fantastic family-friendly game from Renegade Games, come pick one up at your local Dragon's Lair today!

S is for Spell Smashers