Camping Companions

May 25, 2020

June has arrived and summer is here! Although many travel plans have been put on hold, camping is one of those activities that is social distance friendly as well as a welcome reprieve from being cooped up at home. There isn’t a much better time than having a long hike or walk in nature, followed by a meal and some games by the campfire afterwards! With that in mind, we’ve curated a list of games that travel well, hold up to the outdoor elements, and provide extensive replayability to accompany you on your next adventure!

Hive: This is a fantastic game that you can play anywhere there is a flat surface! Two players compete by placing opposing black and white pieces that have different abilities according to the type of bug imprinted upon them (a bit like chess). It’s addictive, has almost unlimited replayability, is compact/portable, and easily stands up to most any weather!

One Night Ultimate Werewolf: In this game, each player is assigned a role – werewolves, troublemakers, villagers, witches and plenty more! It’s up to the group to decide who a werewolf is to win the game! No two games are alike, it’s fast, and you can play with larger groups.

Bears vs. Babies: From the internet famous creator, The Oatmeal! We love this card game not only because it features the much loved art style of The Oatmeal, but also for its lightweight and compact design. Players draw cards to either help create a monster, or a baby card that is put in the middle of the game. Watch out! The babies attack when provoked, and if you don’t have enough monster parts, you’ll be at their mercy. 

Dice Masters: A collectible dice building game that offers a ton of fun and variety. You can draft teams of various characters using dice from a bunch of franchises including Marvel, Dungeons & Dragons, TMNT, Warhammer, DC and more! Each character has custom dice and different stats, making this a very customizable as well as replayable game. Easy to play and transport too – you just need a bag for dice and a rubber band or card case for the cards!

Bananagrams: This fast and fun vocabulary game pits players against each other as they work to create their own “crossword” the quickest. After a player uses all their current letters, everyone draws from the pool until it’s exhausted and the first person to complete their  “crossword” or word grid after that wins! Bananagrams comes in a travel friendly portable pouch (it’s even shaped like a banana!) and while the pieces aren’t as hefty as those from Hive, this is one you can also play anywhere there is a flat surface.

What Do You Meme: A definite win with the internet savvy, this game will have you in stitches! It uses the game technique employed in other party game favorites like Cards Against Humanity and Apples to Apples, except with this one, players are creating their own memes to submit to the judge each round!

These selections are really just a drop in the bucket of what we have available for you at Dragon’s Lair Comics & Fantasy®, so if none of these suit your tastes, or you already have them in your library (way to go!) just give us a call or come on by to see us and shop around or ask for more suggestions!