Canmander 2020 Happy Holidays Edition

December 7, 2020

Date: Saturday and Sunday of 12/12-12/13
Start Time: 10am
End Time: 5:30 PM

Greetings Magic Players! Dragon’s Lair Comics & Fantasy invites you to Canmander 2020 (Happy Holidays Edition)!

We are doing some things different this year, while still maintaining some of the fun aspects of previous years!

While our gaming space is still closed we still wanted to do something that involved the community as a whole. We are still supporting Hope Food Pantry by taking your food donations and giving away guaranteed Magic product for your kindness. Instead of doing a raffle system, we will be rewarding product based on how many items are donated. All tier goals are available while supplies last.

This reward system will look like this:

Reward Tiers List

First Tier: 15 Approved Food Items (2 Ikoria Booster Packs with Random Promo Card)

Second Tier: 50 Approved Food Items (2 Premium/Foil Packs)

Third Tier: 75 Approved Food Items (2 Mystery Packs / 4 Random Rare/Mythic Rare Cards & an Ikoria Poster

Top 5 Donations will receive 1 Secret Lair Kit (with the top donation receiving the Fetch Land Secret Lair Box (Display Case)

Top 3 Donators will have their names immortalized on a plaque that will hang in our gaming room.

Guests will be able to donate goods via curbside or inside the store. Guests will need to submit their name and a phone number so that they can be contacted if they are one of our top 5 donators.

Upon receiving the donations, a Team Member will count each item and check the Tier Goals list. Once a total is achieved, the guest will receive their Reward Tier immediately. Depending on the amount of items donated, collection time may take anywhere between 5 to 30 minutes per donation. The guest should be informed on how many items were donated upon receiving their rewards. The top 5 donators will be contacted after the weekend for the final rewards.

These are the items specifically asked by Hope Pantry for guests to donate:

-Approved Items Needed: (Always check their site for list

Shelf stable items like breakfast cereal and other breakfast items
-cartons of shelf stable milk
-cans of vegetables–corn, green beans, peas etc.
-cans of diced or whole tomatoes
-canned fruit
-cans of soup/chili/ ravioli
-peanut butter (smaller than 18 oz)
-canned meats-tuna, chicken or salmon
-bags of rice and beans,
-misc such as pancake/muffin mixes, granola/protein bars
-Anything in Glass
-Candy, Soda or high sugar items
-Anything that needs to be frozen/kept cold
-Bulk items that need to be repackaged

This is specifically in regards to items that are like 10 pound bags of beans. Things that clearly would be for multiple families. We still discourage overly large items, as smaller portions are easier to distribute.
-Items with damaged packaging (dented can, busted lids, etc…)
-Expired items
-Perishable items (fresh fruits and veggies, meats, etc…)

If you rather make a monetary donation directly towards the Hope Food Pantry please go here:
All monetary donations do not influence Tier Rewards.

Thanks again for all your support!
Happy holidays!


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