Coming Soon: One Piece Card Game

September 29, 2022

Something that the One Piece fandom has been excited about for some time is finally almost here! The story of One Piece follows the Straw Hat Pirate crew on their adventures as they seek the mythical treasure known as One Piece, and the upcoming card game reflects the story and highlights many characters that have been featured over it's decades in print and other media.

Players familiar with games such as Magic the Gathering, Dragon Ball Super and Digimon will be comfortable with the Once Piece Card Game as it employs many of the same mechanics. Like these card games, One Piece has you build a deck from different character, event, and spell cards, and then you play that deck against an opponent. Those new to this kind of game will most benefit from picking up a “starter” or preconstructed deck as this will give an idea of what a successful deck looks like before crafting their own.

One key difference is that your deck will be built around a leader card. The leader card determines how many life points you have but also will be the main target of your opponent to win the game. The leader card's determination of your health differs from most TCGs like Magic the Gathering where players mirror each other in life points.

The card art looks fantastic. Fans are sure to be pleased by the detailed and dynamic depictions of their favorite characters and the collectibility for this game is sky high! If you want to be one of the first players to experience this game in the US, sign up for one of our prerelease events taking place this weekend!