Chilling Reign Early Sale Prerelease!

May 27, 2021

Date: Saturday June 5th
Start Time: 10am
Cost: $25 per Build & Battle kit (Limit 1 per person)
$4.99 per booster pack (Limit 1 per person)

Seize the advantage with Pokémon of the frozen lands, including the powerful Ice Rider Calyrex VMAX and Shadow Rider Calyrex VMAX—plus the Galarian forms of Articuno, Zapdos, and Moltres—in Sword & Shield—Chilling Reign! Phantom hauntings, howling blizzards, and wild battles—expand the realms of your Pokémon strategy with new powers and new possibilities. Press on despite ghostly opposition, and claim total victory in the land of spectral snow with the Pokémon TCG: Sword & Shield—Chilling Reign expansion!

This early sale event will be held as we are currently not running any Pokemon Organized Play events. Sales of this early product will be limited to 1 build and battle kit per person and 1 booster pack per person in accordance with our community first policy and attempting to make sure that as many people as possible are able to get the limited product we will have available at the onset of release.

Due to this limited nature we will not be taking any special pre-orders for any of this material, it will be first come first serve, and we hope to have enough to support our community.

There are no special orders, no pre-orders, and no holds for these products. This is an early sale event and we will not be offering any prize support or Take Home orders at this time. This release is very limited so your best bet is to arrive at 10am on June 5th!


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