New Citadel Contrast Paints

June 12, 2019

Get out your British U's and get ready for the new Citadel Colour Contrast paints from Games Workshop! There has been a lot of excitement around this new line of paints which promises to reduce the number of steps to takes to paint a table-ready miniature.

To support the new Contrast paints, there will be two new spray primers for cool and warm colors. The paints themselves are somewhere between Citadel's Base and Shade paints with more pigment to get faster coverage, but still thin enough to gather in the recesses and provide an instant shade and highlight effect. Add any special technical effects you desire and your mini should look pretty close to finished!

A range of new Citadel Contrast Paint bottles

In addition to this exciting new line, Citadel is releasing a new range of Base and Layer paint colors, newly formulated Air paints, and a new matte varnish called Technical Stormshield to complement the shiny varnish Ardcoat to protect your finished minis.

Full range of colors and details on these new release can be found listed at Games Workshop, and tutorials and demo videos on how these new paints work are available at Citadel Colour. These new lines are releasing on June 15th, so place your special orders as quantities may be initially limited!

New Citadel spray primers, Grey Seer and Wraith bone