Coming Soon: MtG Kaldheim

January 25, 2021

Magic the Gathering’s first set of the new year, Kaldheim, makes its debut this prerelease weekend and officially hits the shelves on February 5th. What does this new set have in store? Let’s dig in and find out!

New Mechanic: Boast – A boast ability is an activated ability that can be activated once a turn, but only if the creature that has the ability has attacked that turn. This ability can be activated during combat or even after combat – any time in the turn after the creature was declared as an attacker. 

New Mechanic: Foretell – During your turn, you pay a set cost and exile your card from your hand face-down. Then, you can cast it on a later turn for its foretell cost. A simple but effective strategy that allows you to build a strategy to execute when the time is right. This is also advantageous because it allows you to spread out the cost of the card over a couple turns, while still keeping the card itself under wraps.

Modal Double Faced Cards: First introduced in the Zendikar Rising set, these two faced cards have returned once more! Aptly named, these feature a different card on each side, which the player gets to choose between. Drawing one of these on your turn is twice as nice.

Other highlights: Snow! This weather acts as a returning supertype that is included on a variety of cards, including basic lands. Changeling creatures, which are classified as all creature types, will also be appearing. Lastly, Sagas (enchantments with multiple steps or “chapters”) will make a return to the game. 

Kaldheim takes place in a new world in the MtG universe by the same name. The world is made up of ten different and distinct realms, each with their own inhabitants and cultures. These factions are constantly at odds with one another, making conquest and war regularities in this plane. Chaos ensues and endangers the world itself – will Planeswalker Kaya be able to save it? Maybe. But she’ll need your help!