Coming Soon: MtG Kamigawa Neon Dynasty

January 18, 2022

Return with us to Kamigawa and see how the Japanese mythology inspired plane has evolved!

It’s been 1200 years since Magic the Gathering last visited Kamigawa, and it’s feudal past has transformed into a futuristic modern society where cyberpunk meets ninjas and samurai! This new set is unlike any other in recent memory, with a neon sci-fi environment that incorporates a ton of new elements. Here are a couple of the notable highlights for this hotly anticipated release:

Ninjas – A new ninja planeswalker named Kaito Shizuki will join the fray in the neon dynasty alongside 22 other Ninja creatures. They each have both regular and alternate card versions, with the alternate featuring a futuristic Ninja frame. All types of boosters (set, draft and collector) will give you a chance at grabbing these cards. 

Samurai – This is the Samurai version of the Ninja treatment mentioned above. The Wandering Emperor is the Samurai planeswalker, and there are 21 other Samurai creatures in the set. The Samurai alternate art frames are evocative of ancient Japanese culture, and can be found in all types of boosters as well. 

Ukiyo-E Lands – These incredible land cards are inspired by traditional Japanese woodblock prints. They are quite simply stunning. There are 10 of these ukiyo-e lands (2 of each basic land card). You have a chance at getting one in the Set or Draft Boosters, but every Collector Booster will contain a foil ukiyo-e land.

Soft Glow – A new “soft glow” treatment is found on alternate versions of every rare and mythic rare in the Kamigawa set. Glowing bars give the cards a futuristic neon vibe. There is a chance to pull one of these in all types of booster packs.

Neon Ink Foil – Neon ink is silkscreened on top of traditional foil, making an incredibly vibrant effect. Only one card (Hidetsugu, Devouring Chaos) was given this treatment, but four different color versions can be found (green, red, blue and yellow). The green, red, and blue versions can be found in Collector Boosters, but the yellow one is a promotional card 

Foil Etching – This technique has been used in previous MtG sets, but in various ways (sometimes as a highlight, or even as a full frame). This time they are adding the foil etching treatment to some of the special showcase cards mentioned above (Ninja and Samurai). These are found exclusively in Collector Boosters. 

Your first chance to play Kamigawa: Neon Dynasty is at our Prerelease events taking place February 11th-13th. We have five different events to choose from and registration is now open for you to sign up and get your spot! Entry is $30, which includes a prerelease pack containing 6 draft boosters, 1 foil rare or mythic rare, 1 spindown D20, deckbox, and MtG Arena code card.