Coming Soon: MtG March of the Machine

March 31, 2023
Magic the Gathering: March of the Machine serves as the dramatic ending to the story started in Dominaria United which culminates in an epic conclusion as Elesh Norn and their Machine Legion seek to expand New Phyrexia across the multiverse! This is an event set that affects the very fabric of the multiverse, and you won’t want to miss playing these cards.

Some exciting play aspects of this set include the return of Planechase in the Commander decks! This multiplayer supplement lets you travel from one location to another, with the rules changing based on where your battle is currently taking place. Chase the Phyrexians around the Multiverse or add some flavor to your next Commander battle.

Each March of the Machine Commander deck comes with ten different Planechase cards—five new, and five reprints. Extended-art and borderless planeswalker cards will also return!

Although the set hits shelves officially on April 21st, players can get a preview by playing in a prerelease event! These events are your first way to find the newest Magic cards, and include some special goodies. In addition to a foil-stamped promo card from the set, March of the Machine Prerelease Packs include an additional legendary promo card for Commander play!

Our Prerelease events take place on the following dates/times:

Sealed Events ($35 per entry)

Two Headed Giant Event ($70 per team)

Draft Event ($25 per entry)

We hope to see you there!