Coming Soon: MtG Modern Horizons III

May 30, 2024

The biggest Magic the Gathering set release of 2024 is right around the corner! Modern Horizons 3 will hit shelves on June 14th, and it promises an engaging mixture of desirable reprints and new cards. Here are some notable features for players to look forward to!

  • Flip Planeswalkers: making a return after first appearing in Magic Origins, this allows players after meeting a certain criteria to flip the card into its Planeswalker form.
  • Four Commander Precons will be released, and there will be Collector Edition variants available, with each card coming in an all-brand new Ripple Foil treatment!
  • Energy returns in Modern Horizons 3 thanks to the Creative Energy Commander Precon, a mechanic that recently appeared in Universes Beyond: Fallout to notable popularity.
  • Devoid also returns, which is a characteristic-defining keyword ability that states that a card is colorless, regardless of the colors in that card’s mana cost.
  • Ally fetch lands: these are key components to cutting-edge mana bases for your most powerful (and colorful) decks.
  • Borderless profile card treatments.
  • Full Art Lands depicting the Ulamog, Emrakul, and Kozilek razing the landscape all in their Eldrazi glory.

Modern Horizons 3 is full mazing reprints to build, customize, and expand your collection. Don’t sleep on the biggest Magic the Gathering release of the year and check out our prerelease events taking place Friday June 7th and Sunday June 9th.