Coming Soon: MtG The Brother’s War

November 8, 2022

The next Magic the Gathering set release is right around the corner – prepare to reinvent the past and retake the future!

The Brother’s War is set around a series of events rather than a particular world, and as you might guess, involves a conflict between two brothers (Urza and Mishra). The brothers make a discovery and their animosity for one another rises out of it. This event is a pivotal moment in the history of the MTG multiverse: a massive, world-spanning war, featuring devastating magical artifacts, monstrous mechs, and some of Magic’s oldest heroes and villains.

Some of our favorite highlights from this new expansion include:

  • Retro frame artifacts: These cards feature a special set symbol and can be found in Draft, Set, and Collector Boosters. They come in three versions: regular retro frame, “retro schematics” and serialized “retro schematics” with double-rainbow foiling. 
  • Prototype (new mechanic): Each prototype card includes two sets of characteristics: First, a larger default mana cost, power, and toughness. The second set of characteristics exists as part of the prototype ability. There, you’ll find an alternate mana cost and an alternate power and toughness. As you cast a prototype card, you choose the characteristics you use.
  • Powerstones: These are a new kind of colorless artifact token type which offer you more mana, and that’s rarely a bad thing.
  • Transformers: The autobots and decepticons have joined the fun! There are fifteen Transformers Universes Beyond cards to be found in this release. These transforming double-faced cards introduce three new keywords: Convert, More Than Meets The Eye, and Living Metal.

This is the 94th set expansion and the last one of 2022, so we hope that you’ll join us in exploring this epic conflict and see who you want to side with! Prerelease events begin this Friday, and we have a bunch of different events so you can play this set in the format you like best, or try them all. Be sure to lock in special discounts on full boxes by purchasing them the week before the official set release on November 18th!