Coming Soon: The Streets of New Capenna

April 4, 2022

The 92nd Magic the Gathering expansion, Streets of New Capenna, is set to release this month! Streets of New Capenna is a marked departure from the typical fantasy realms that MtG lore is known for, taking its inspiration instead from mobsters movies of the 1920's. We don't know which plane Capenna is located on just yet, but we do know that there will be gritty city streets, lots of art deco, and a fair amount of film noir influence.

Capenna was built by angels, but is now run by demons. Five demon families dictate the power plays of the city and each one aligns with a different combination of three colors. Let's introduce them!

The Obscura Family
This family is white, blue, and black. Players who pride themselves on cunning strategy plays, big reveals, and having a trick up their sleeves will likely be most interested in choosing this family. Are you in it for the long con?

The Maestro Family
This family is blue, black, and red. Players with ruthless, cutthroat natures – those who want to win no matter the cost, should choose this family. After all, murder IS good for business. 

The Riveteer Family
This family is black, red, and green. Players who are most interested in finishing the job with rapid, hard-hitting attacks should choose this family. Do you have what it takes?

The Cabaretti Family
This family is red, white, and green. Players who are all about having a massive amount of low-cost creatures at their disposal will be most interested in this family. When life's a party, you simply MUST have the most people.

The Brokers 
This family is green, white, and blue. Players who believe in maxing out their defense and covering their bases is their greatest offense should choose this family. “Brains over brawn,” as they say! Just be sure to read the fine print. 

This set is intended to have players align themselves with a particular family which suits their play style, and gives a new kind of competitive (and camaraderie!) twist to the game. Keep an eye out for more spoilers from Wizards of the Coast in the weeks leading up to this unique and refreshing release! Sign up now and be among the first to experience this set during our prerelease events April 22nd-24th.