Spotlight On: MtG Core 2021

June 15, 2020

The next Magic the Gathering set is almost due for release! MtG Core 2021 centers around the time traveling planeswalker Teferi, who is summoning up old iconic cards as well as new and powerful ones! Here are some of the great new features that this set brings to the table:

Dogs – Previously classified on creature cards only as “hounds” we will now have our beloved doggos more thoroughly represented in the Magic the Gathering universe alongside our feline friends as “dog” creature types. This change has arguably been a long time coming, and should give creators greater flexibility when coming up with new dog cards that may otherwise have been boxed in by the hounds classification. Core Set 2021 features new dog cards like Pack Leader, Alpine Watchdog, Rumbunctious Mutt, Selfless Savior, Chandra's Magmutt, and Igneous Cur. 

Showcase Cards – These cards feature a special frame around the border that brings special attention to each mythic rare planeswalker, as well as the rare, uncommon, and common cards that reference them! This is a beautiful new addition that draws extra attention to the cards and how they are connected within the set. Basic lands will also be included!

Rin and Seri, Inseparable Card Art

Buy A Box Promo Card – The buy a box promo card for this set, Rin and Seri, Inseparable, is truly beautiful and sure to be sought after. It features stunning artwork showing a dog and cat teaming up together as a legendary creature type. The card features extended art, and the foil version can only be attained by purchasing a booster display box (the non-foil version can be found in Collector’s Booster packs). 

Borderless Cards – In a near opposite move of that above, some cards will actually completely lack a border! This isn’t a brand new treatment like the showcase frames, but this kind of card has long been a fan favorite to collect and each of the six Planeswalkers in this set will get a borderless treatment with unique artwork, as well as six other reprint cards. 

Core Set 2021 is set to release on July 3rd with Prerelease events scheduled for the weekend of June 26-28th! Our will be a take-home this time around as we proceed with caution in opening up large events due to COVID-19. Sign up today at We are also taking pre-orders for draft booster boxes!