Elyse’s Guide to Magic – A 5e supplement

November 29, 2023


Bring the magic of Dragonbond to your DnD games. NEW magic system, summoning rules, magical classes, spells, items and creatures!

Elyse’s Guide to Magic is a 300+ page book for 5e that introduces the Dragonbond setting to your game. Discover a totally new spellcasting system that gives you complete control to create spells on the fly, and combine with allies to fire spectacular magical combos. Experience the unique new summoning system with its unexpected elements, and choose from a host of player options with four new classes and associated subclasses.

In addition, you’ll find a host of spells, magic items, potions, and poisons, some created by our special celebrity guest contributors!

PLUS a new dragon brood for all the dragon fans out there, and over 40 new monsters to encounter.

This book is also fully compatible with Heliana’s Guide to Monster Hunting!

Expected Release: August 2024