Digimon Card Game BT-15 Exceed Apocalypse Prerelease (SATURDAY 2/10)

Event Date

February 10 - February 10

Event Date

February 10 - February 10

Date: aturday Feb 10th – 4:30pm – 16 spots
Cost: $30 Online / $35 In-Store

Following Blast Ace (BT14) 4 more popular Digimon Adventure characters get their ACE cards including: Weregarurumon, MegaKabuterimon, Garudamon and Angewomon! Their trainers also join the battle with new cards as well as new foil rares for all existing ACE cards! New tamers and Digimon from Digimon Seekers are also included in this set!

However, 4 Mega Digimon with dark power also arise in this set including Piedmon, Machinedramon, Puppetmon, and MetalSeadramon. In addition, Apocalymon receives its first Digimon card as well as a special edition card!

Box toppers for this set include foil design cards of some fan favorites as well as Digimon Ghost Game!

This tournament will be a sealed format. Each player will receive 6 booster packs of “Exceed Apocalypse” (BT15) and will then build a 40 card deck and a 0-5 card “Digi-Egg” deck. Players can include as many copies of cards with the same card number as they like. In sealed format, player can ignore digivolution color requirements.

Full rules for sealed format can be found here: https://world.digimoncard.com/event/pdf/sealed_format_rules.pdf#view=Fit
Players will than play in a 5 round swiss format tournament of 30 min a round to determine a final winner.

Prizing: Each player will receive a promotional card, 1 Blast Ace Pre-Release pack and 1 booster pack of BT15 for participation.
Players who do better than 2-x will get additional packs equal to their win rate (ex. 3-2 win record would get 3 additional packs of BT15)
The winner of the tournament will get a special foil foil card along with their booster packs!

A limited number of booster boxes will also be available for purchase during the prerelease events, so be sure to pick one up to get an additional pre-release pack!

NOTE: Players will need a Bandai TCG+ account to be able to participate! Please go to https://www.bandai-tcg-plus.com/ in order to sign up, then register for our event below!


Dragon’s Lair Austin
2438 W. Anderson Ln, Suite B-1, Austin, 78757


February 10 - February 10


4:30 pm - 8:00 pm



Seat Cap