Keyforge Grim Reminders Prerelease

Event Date

February 24 - February 24

Event Date

February 24 - February 24

Date: Saturday February 24th
Start Time: 4pm
End Time: 7pm
Cost: $15
Seat Cap: 16

Welcome back to the Crucible universe as we travel to the distant outlands introducing the mysterious Geistoids!
Awoken by a malign energy and driven by the resentment of forgotten and discarded things, they seek vengeance on all that was kept and those whom are whole. Ever replenishing from the detritus of civilization, the Geistoid horde poses a grave threat to the people of the Crucible.

KeyForge: Grim Reminders is the seventh set for KeyForge that will introduce 250 new cards including a new house (House Geistoid) along with all new effects, icons and more.

Each player will purchase a sealed archon deck and play in a casual 3 round swiss style tournament for special pins and prizes including a Dragon’s Lair Comics & Fantasy themed Archon Deck! Sign up in store on the day of the event.


Dragon’s Lair Austin
2438 W. Anderson Ln, Suite B-1, Austin, 78757


February 24 - February 24


4:00 pm - 7:00 pm



Seat Cap