Fantastic Felines

July 13, 2020

Most of you know how fond we are of kitties here at the Lair, so this week we thought we’d take some time to tell you about the felines we love most in our comic book fare! After all, time spent with cats is never wasted. 

Chi (Chi’s Sweet Home): Chi is an adorable and sweetly innocent gray and white kitten who gets lost and then is subsequently taken in by a little boy and his family. This series follows her as she explores and experiences the world!

Lying Cat (Saga): As the steadfast companion of The Will in the celebrated Saga series, Lying Cat quickly became a fan favorite character. She is a teal, sphinx like, large feline capable of detecting falsehoods when uttered. She’ll even call out The Will if need be!

John Blacksad (Blacksad): This black panther is an anthropomorphic detective whose main uniform is a long trench coat. His hard boiled demeanor and cynical attitude makes his world weary commentary memorable as well as entertaining!

Dex-Starr (Final Crisis): Dex-Starr actually started out as a normal cat named Dexter, but circumstances occurred that drew a Red Lantern ring to this kitty and he was transformed! Full or rage, Dex-Starr is now looking for revenge on those who wronged him when he was just a house cat. 

Hobbes (Calvin and Hobbes): He may be a stuffed tiger to the rest of the world, but to one little boy, Hobbes is as real as can be! Hobbes is a guiding force as well as companion to Calvin as he grows up, and although he isn’t technically “alive” his influence on Calvin very much is. 

Honorable Mentions: Luna (Sailor Moon), Mingus (The Unwritten) and Salem (Sabrina)

These kitties are the pick of our litter, but there are others to choose from, as well as a whole slew of cat themed board games to check out – just give us a call or drop on by! Don’t worry dog lovers – we’ll be giving man’s best friend their own spotlight next week!