November 3, 2023

Spider-Boy #1 (Marvel)

Did you know the wall-crawler had a sidekick? Well neither did he! It’s time to properly meet Bailey Briggs aka Spider-Boy. Bursting out of the pages of the recently wrapped Spider-Man series by Dan Slott, Spider-Boy #1 is the perfect launching point for a soon-to-be classic character. In this explosive first issue, we get to meet two colorful new rogues and start to understand why no one remembers Spider-Man running around with a mini-me for two years. Between fun action, plenty of inner turmoil, heart-warming camaraderie, and just a splash of tragedy, Spider-Boy is already proving itself to be a true Marvel comic book.

Blood Commandment #1 (Image)

Deep in a shadowed valley, past imposing mountains, and through a treacherous forest live Ezra and Wil, a father and son who fight every day to hold back the darkness that surrounds them. Though they manage to make it through each night, Wil is too curious for his own good. Why are they living off the grid? Why can they never go out before sundown? And what is his father hiding from him? Be sure to check out this new horror mini-series from writer and artist Szymon Kudranski (Something Epic, Spawn, Punisher).

Stranger Things: The Voyage #1 (Dark Horse)

Writer Michael Moreci (Barbaric, The Plot) and artist Todor Hristov (Stranger Things: Kamchatka) reunite with their team for a brand new epic set in the world of Stranger Things. Taking place far away from Hawkins, Indiana, The Voyage details the efforts of one morally dubious Russian scientist to capture and transport a truly horrifying creature with the help of a reluctant but desperate ship captain. Whether you’re a die hard Stranger Things fan or just looking for a creepy, self-contained horror story, this four-issue mini-series is sure to satisfy!

Batman/Catwoman: The Gotham War – Scorched Earth #1 (DC)

The Gotham War is finally over, the violence has stopped, and the threat is ended. But as the dust settles, the future of Gotham and, even moreso, the Bat Family is in question. Lines were crossed and relationships irrevocably altered but the world still needs its heroes. Discover in this final one-shot how DC’s greatest vigilantes will learn to live with the consequences of the latest battle for Gotham’s soul.