Forged In Shadows Adventure – Forging Zeros Into Heroes!

October 2, 2020


A uniquely fun Adventure that forges Heroes out of 0-level characters. Compatible with any TTRPG system.

Forged in Shadows is a uniquely designed adventure that forges common, classless characters into legitimate 1st level heroes.  Players will embark on an exciting scavenger hunt throughout the ancient Dwarven city of Valkhaldur, the birthplace of Moebius Spinn, as their characters face numerous tests while striving to solve a dark mystery.  Players will find their hero’s destiny by tracking their progress as each test is completed throughout the adventure, guiding them to their hero’s most suited class. Forged In Shadows is a fully self contained adventure that uses a simple percentile based system to determine the outcomes of tests. The information gathered can then be used to convert your newly formed character into your favorite game system. Forged in Shadows was created for every player, from the newly initiated, to the seasoned adventurer, who will thrill at the feeling of experiencing everything as though it was their first time.

Forged in Shadows… forging your characters from zeros into heroes.

Expected Release: March 2021


February 28, 2023


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