Hellboy: The Board Game

May 8, 2019

This week sees the long-awaited release of Hellboy: The Board Game! In this fully cooperative experience from Mantic Games, players take on the role of the legendary BPRD in their efforts to investigate and stop a variety of men and monsters from enacting their evil designs upon the world.

In Hellboy, who you are matters just as much as what you do. Will you be Big Red himself, using your innate fire resistance and big right hook to take on an army of frog monsters? Perhaps you can find yourself in the shoes of Johann Kraus, using his eerie ectoplasmic powers to fight back against the forces of Baba Yaga. Maybe, like me, you’d rather stick to the guns of the famed Lobster Johnson and dish out your own version of justice to the occult forces of the Nazi scientist Kroenen.

Hellboy miniatures

Through careful planning and investigation, your squad of Agents will uncover clues and find out new information about the mystery you’re playing, but be cautious – if you take too long to stop the forces of darkness, the game’s Impending Doom meter will rise unchecked, and that just makes your job that much harder. A final confrontation awaits at the end of your quest, against a terrifying boss character.

For the value you get from the box, you’ll find that a massive variety of miniatures awaits inside this game, with iconic representations of major and minor characters from all around the Mignolaverse. Heroes like Abe Sapien and Roger the Homunculus will be evenly matched with big-time villains like the Conqueror Worm, the goddess Hecate, and of course, the main man Rasputin. With the coming of Ragna Rok, it falls to you and your friends in the BPRD to join the fight!

by Michael