Iconic Captain America Story Arcs

June 27, 2021

The 4th of July is right around the corner, and what better way to celebrate than to read up on our country's favorite hero – Captain America! He's been around since the 1940's, and we're certain to see more of this hero, if in different iterations, for many years to come. Take a look at some of his most notable stories below!

Captain America and the Falcon: Secret Empire by Steve Englehart: In Secret Empire, Captain America finds himself framed for murder and shunned by mainstream America as a criminal organization known as the Secret Empire seeks to destroy his reputation. This classic arc was written in the 1970's and captures much of the prevailing political mood and mistrust of government during the Watergate years. 

Civil War by Mark Millar: Fans of the Marvel films will be familiar with this story! Civil War pits friend against friend in one of the most celebrated and successful comic events of all-time! Iron Man and Captain America split the Avengers in two, with one side supporting government enforced superhero restrictions, and the other continuing to operate as free agents. It's Captain America at his finest and as we all know and love him – standing up for what he believes despite opposition from those closest to him. 

Man Out of Time by Mark Waid: This storyline deals with one of the most fascinating personal aspects of Captain America – his struggle and adaptations to modern society as a person born in the 1940's. Everyone he knew and loved is dead. Everything is different. Even Cap has trouble adjusting, and this arc explores his mental state and internal struggles with the wide gap between where he was and where he is now in time. 

Captain America Winter Soldier by Ed Brubaker: This is the story arc that served as the inspiration for the Winter Soldier film, which is widely considered one of the best from the Marvel franchise. It takes us through Cap's discovery that his best friend, Bucky, has become the Winter Soldier, and his determination to free him from HYDRA control.

Remember, this character has been around for 80 years, so there's a whole lot more to choose from on our shelves. Stop on by and pick up a volume or two to celebrate the red, white and blue this week!