September 10, 2018

If you like giant robots, awesome kaiju, super sentai and have any interest in miniatures games, there's a great new game on the horizon.

Monsterpocalypse is a reboot of the miniatures game from Privateer Press. What previously was blindbox collectible minis is now a fully fledged hobbyist game. Get exactly what faction and models you want, paint them up, and throw down. The game focuses on cinematic clashes between giant monsters as they battle for supremacy across cities around the globe. You command 1-3 large creatures and a squad of up to 25 supporting forces (tanks, jets, aliens, etc). Here's handful of cool things to know before the game releases next month:


Your Kaiju is King

The entire game revolves around your big monster. The objective of every game is to defeat your opponent's monster. Troops help with board control, but this is a game focused around pitting big creatures against each other and seeing who comes out on top.


Tactical Destruction

The city environment is a big part of the battle. What good is hitting a giant robot with atomic breath when you could piledrive them through a nuclear silo? Capturing points on the map with your smaller units also grants you additional power for your monster. Herein lies the give and take of the game; destroy your opponent's buildings, protect your own, maybe throw one or two at your opponent's monster.


Enemy of my Enemy is my Friend

Factions are split between two major Agendas; Protectors and Destroyers. Want to play as the mecha genre inspired G.U.A.R.D. Forces, but feel like you're missing out on playing as the super sentai themed Shadow Sun Syndicate? It's ok, you can bring both in an army for Protectors. Want to unleash the power of the dark ones with the Lords of Cthul, but also want to zerg rush with the Planet Eaters? They can team up to Destroy your enemies. Playing a faction still means you have access to a good variety of troops and monsters!


Low Bar of Entry

Minis games can be time and wallet consuming. Large miniature combat games can have 100+ models sprawling across a table. Monsterpocalypse caps out at 28 models for an army, for a large game. Tournament standard is between 16-22. With a reasonable starter kit that includes everything you need to get going, building up through an escalation league will be easy and far less expensive than comparable hobby games.

Sound good? Great! Dragon's Lair will be hosting a special launch weekend event on Saturday, September 22nd, where you can demo the game and meet some of the aspiring community! From there, Dragon's Lair will be hosting weekly meet ups for Monsterpocalypse on Saturdays evenings for quick matches, escalation leagues, and tournaments! Keep an eye out and an ear open!

Written by Stephen