Fight With Spirit: A Sports Drama RPG

October 1, 2021


Grow up together and fight for your passion in this tabletop rpg. Hone your skills, face down rivals, and reach for the top!

Fight with Spirit is a collaborative tabletop roleplaying game about a sports team growing up together and fighting for their passion. In this game, you’ll hone your skills, face down rivals, and strive to take your team to the national championships. Along the way, you'll explore friendships, feelings, and the fleeting nature of your time together.

Fight with Spirit is built to tell sports stories inspired by anime such as Free, Run with the Wind, and Chihayafuru, as well as high school movies like Bring it On, and Remember the Titans. But Fight with Spirit is a flexible system that isn't limited to an everyday college or high school. We've used it to play wizarding contests like the triwizard tournament, and set it in history like A League of Their Own.

Play a high school or college sports team battling your way through a major tournament. Your relationships, motivations and team will change as you grow, learn, and connect, on and off the court. Your team will win ultimate victory, or they will find defeat. But it is love, hope, and passion that are the real stakes on your journey, as you grow up together and share the moments until school ends.

Expected Release: December 2022