The Daring Double Life of Ace Adams

April 10, 2022


What if ONE man was TWO superheroes? An action-packed 100-page graphic novel by Nate Cosby, Jacob Edgar, Kike J. Diaz & Rus Wooton.

In this tale, LA’s scandalous crime wave inspires two strikingly different heroes to spring into action. By day, the streets are protected by Whiz-Bang, a grinning, gregarious defender of goodness. By night, the City of Angels is defended by an entirely different kind of hero: The Black Dog appears in a cloud of smoke, a mysterious vigilante determined to strike fear in cowardly criminals. And unbeknownst to the mayor, the police force, the entire city…these radically different heroes share an incredible secret: They are the same man.

THE DARING DOUBLE LIFE OF ACE ADAMS is all about what it means to be a hero. Can you do more good if you’re a role model to kids and the community? Or is justice best dished out by a mysterious vigilante operating in the shadows? And when one man tries to be three people…who is he, really?

Expected Release: February 2023