Old Gods of Appalachia Role Playing Game

April 13, 2022


A roleplaying game of the Green, the Dark, and things even more ancient.

Like most tabletop roleplaying games, this game is played with and in the shared imaginations of a group. One player takes on the role of the Game Master (GM) who crafts the adventure and controls the world in which it is set. The other players take on the roles of fictional characters within that world, describing—and occasionally rolling dice to resolve the outcomes of— the actions of their characters.

For a quick look at the Old Gods of Appalachia Roleplaying Gamedownload our free primer. It introduces the Cypher System, and offers a glimpse of what you'll find in Alternate Appalachia, including a few examples of characters and items and entities you might encounter should you choose to step into these dark hollers and hills.

Expected Release: March 2023