Retribution – Chapter 2: I Died in Del Rio

May 9, 2022


Retribution is a comic book series that deals with the dark aspects of love, vengence and a disturbed mind.

This Kickstarter is funding Retribution Chapter 2, a 32-page comic book that’s part of a continuing mini-series exploring the depravities of mankind in delivering morally questionable retribution. Chapter 2 gives us a look at the bond between R and Chi. It dives into the personal abyss that's consumed R and continues down his path of blood-soaked vengeance.

We are introducing a new artist to the Retribution series, setting two visual tones to our story. Kevin Keane will add his gritty touch to Chapter 2's pages along with our founding artist Giulia Gualazzi. Keane's artwork has recently been featured on the covers of Gunslinger Spawn and King Spawn.

New readers will be able to pick up the first chapter of the series “Purpose.” In the first chapter of Retribution, R is gifted a second chance at life by his love, Chi. His path is now set on revenge for her brutal murder. However, Chi leads him on a path even bloodier than R envisioned.

Expected Release: July 2022