Nick: The Boy Who Would Become Santa Claus

May 28, 2022


A middle grade Christmas ADVENTURE book series for the whole family!

The story begins when our beloved Mr. Claus is only fifteen years of age, found in the most unlikely of places… New York City.

This story is the first of many adventures that would turn this fifteen year boy into the man we all know and love.

‘Nick’ isn’t just a Christmas story either, it’s a whirlwind adventure that can be enjoyed throughout the year. Especially by those looking to escape into a magical world with whimsical adventures amongst fantastical creatures.

For those of you who ‘Believe’ in the magic of Christmas this book has an enduring little twist, if you by happenstance enjoy this story in the Christmas time, the book is a 25 chapter window in to what may be the best bed time adventure advert calendar there can be.

Expected Release: June 2022


February 28, 2023


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