League of Infamy

October 10, 2019


League of Infamy is an occasionally co-operative dungeon crawler for 2-5 players where you take on the role of the despicable villains.

Published by Mantic Games and designed by Sophie Williams and James M. Hewitt from Needy Cat Games – the team behind Hellboy: The Board Game – League of Infamy is a dungeon crawling experience like no other. Featuring fantastically detailed PVC plastic miniatures and unique gameplay elements, this is a game where it pays to be bad! One player takes on the role of the courageous Keep Master, while four others choose from a ragtag bunch of assassins, thieves and cut-throats ready to ransack an Elven Drakon sanctuary. Or, if you want to pretend to work together, you can use the Unseen Keep Master as the adversary.

Expected Release: November 2020