Magic: The Gathering – Core Set 2019

July 16, 2018

Core sets are dead, long live core sets!

Jokes aside, Magic the Gathering is bringing back core sets this year with Core 2019! What does that mean for you though?

MtG Starting Point

1. A Great Starting Point

Core sets are designed with new players in mind. Whether you’re coming back from a long hiatus or a brand new player, you’ll find some easy to understand, but very fun cards in this new set.

Planeswalker Decks

2. New Planeswalker Decks

Five Planeswalker decks and new Learn to Play decks are probably your first starting point for getting into Magic. Normally there are two decks per set, and include two colors of mana.

Core 19 simplifies and diversifies, with five single color Planeswalker decks. A great starting point for deck building! Additionally, there will be new Learn to Play decks at our learn-to-play events (Sundays, 3 p.m.) so stop by and get some cool, new free cards.

Elder Dragons

3. Fancy New Elder Dragons

We here at Dragon’s Lair would be remiss to not highlight new fancy dragon cards, and Wizards of the Coast is including several new multi-color legendary dragons in Core 2019. Perfect for formats like Brawl and Commander! For long time players these and many other cards create some great new deck building ideas!

Buy-a-Box Promo

4. Buy-a-Box Promos!

While supplies last, buying a box nets you a cool exclusive promo that you can’t even get in booster packs, but is legal for all forms of play!

Nexus of Fate costs a lot of mana, but gets you a whole extra turn!

Core 2019 has a lot to offer to all kinds of players, as a good core set should. While it’s sad to say goodbye to Dominaria, for now, Core 2019 should serve as an excellent palate cleanser as we prepare to return to Ravnica! Come and stop by and try drafting this great new set!

Written by Stephen