Man's Best Friend

July 20, 2020

Last week we highlighted some of our favorite stories featuring feline characters, and it’s only right that we take some time this week to give you recommendations of some tales with man’s best friend! Whether the main character, sidekick, or loyal companion, all these pups deserve some time in the spotlight. 

Barnabas (The Sandman: Brief Lives): Barnabas is able to speak, and looks to be a german shepherd type mix. Although Barnabas originally belonged to Destruction in this series, he is given to Delirium (Destruction’s younger sister) as a gift. He has a biting wit and adds some great levity to this story!

Bee (Dragon Ball): Majin Buu finds Bee in a wounded state and heals him, intending for him to go on his way after. Bee has other plans however, and befriends Majin before eventually becoming the pet and steadfast companion of Mr. Satan. 

Cosmo (Guardians of the Galaxy): Cosmo is a telepathic Soviet retriever who is a bona fide member of the Guardians of the Galaxy! He serves as the security chief aboard the station Knowhere. He was originally a test animal that the Soviets shot into space before he was mutated by cosmic rays as he drifted in space before landing at Knowhere. Cosmo is a powerful character, possessing telekinetic powers in addition to telepathy, and can also construct defensive psionic shields and mind blasts!

Dogpool (Deadpool Corps): Another victim of human testing, experimentation and subsequent mutation, Dogpool has the ability to heal and regenerate. He’s featured in a circus as a death defying (quite literally) dog before he is recruited to join the Deadpool Corps and develops a close relationship with Kidpool. 

Bandit (Descender): Ok, so Bandit is actually a robotic dog, but he’s too great a companion not to make our list! Besides, his boy Andy is a robot too! They are able to find one another thanks to a chip that connects the two, and their reunion and reignited relationship are truly great reading.

Honorable Mentions: Lucky (Hawkeye), Krypto (Superman), Streak (Green Lantern), Bandit (We3)

Whether you love dogs, cats or both equally we’ve got you covered! Come on by and check out these books or ask a friendly Lair employee for some of their personal recommendations if nothing here sparks joy. We can’t wait to see you!