Marvel Crisis Protocol Learn to Play

January 1, 2022

Date: January 5th
Start Time: 5pm
End Time: close
Cost: $5
Seat Cap: 16

In-store signups

Are you new to miniatures games? Seasoned and ready to tackle another one? Well, check out Marvel Crisis Protocol! This miniatures game is set in the Marvel Universe and includes familiar favorite characters, such as Iron Man, Captain America, Spider-Man, and more!

In this Learn to Play event, we’ll go through the rules of the game, as well as run through basic gameplay before going through a mission to take down Erik Killmonger in the Vibranium Heist Organized Play Kit!

The gist of the heist is as such “Killmonger has learned of a large stockpile of vibranium hidden deep within Wakanda and assembled an elite team to secure it. The defenders have accepted a contract to protect this facility—and their reputations are on the line!”

You’ll play as either a defender of the vibranium facility or member of Killmonger’s team. Participate and you’ll help determine which side ends up with the payload in the end!


December 17, 2022

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