Marvel Crisis Protocol Vibranium Heist Event

July 13, 2021

When: July 17th, 12pm – 6pm
Where: Dragon’s Lair Austin
Cost: $5 (can be applied as a credit to a Marvel Crisis Protocol product purchase that day)

Event Details:
Killmonger has organized an elite squad to raid a Vibranium stockpile deep in Wakanda! The raiding force must hack into the computer systems to help unlock the vibranium vaults. The defending squad has accepted a contract to guard this hidden stockpile. The guards start with a smaller squad and must sound the alarm to call for reinforcements and prevent the attackers from escaping with the Vibranium!

Vibranium Heist is a single day event that consists of two games. Players will play one game as attackers and another as defenders. This event does not track wins or losses – it is intended to be a narrative story experience. For this event players will construct 2 squads, an Attacking Squad and Defending Squad.

This event is beginner player friendly! Many players are coming back after a long hiatus or never got to really play before quarantine hit. This event is perfect for those looking to dust those models off and jump into the game. New/returning players should look at the rulebook to brush up on some basics – but don’t be shy if you don’t know fully how to play yet. You can also show up a little early and get some last minute advice for your squads.

This event doesn’t use standard Roster creation rules, instead make two squads using the following guidelines.
Killmongers Elite Attack Squad: Create a squad with Threat Value of 17 and 5 Team Tactics cards. Your attacking squad can(and is thematically encouraged) to use the unique Killmonger Chosen of K’liluna character card created for this event(a picture of this card is attached to this event). If you do, you may use Killmonger Chosen of K’liluna as your leader regardless of the affiliation you are playing. If you do not own the Killmonger model you may proxy it for this event.

Defense Squad: Create a squad with a Threat Value of 22 and 5 Team Tactics cards. You may choose to use the Wakanda Affiliation(granting you access to the Wakanda tactics cards) regardless of affiliation. At the start of the game the Defender will only deploy 10 threat value worth of models. So plan your squad accordingly so that you have 10 points for the initial deployment, you’ll have to sound the alarm to get reinforcements!

A lot of the mission details(like map setup, objective rules etc…) will be revealed on the day of the event. Here are the victory conditions,
If no characters have escaped with Vibranium tokens at the end of round 6, the Defenders win.
If at any point the Attacker has no characters, the Defender wins.
If one Attacker escapes with Vibranium – the Attackers win and the mission is a Success and Killmonger is pleased.
If two Attackers escape with Vibranium – the Attackers win and the mission is a Great Success – Killmonger has achieved glory!

Prize Support: Players can earn one or more of the following promotional artwork cards by playing games; Wakanda Forever and Usurp the Throne. Players who play fully painted squads will earn the promotional artwork card Recalibration Matrix.


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