Marvel Heroclix: Avengers War of the Realms

February 16, 2022

Date: Saturday February 19th
Start Time: 5pm
Cost: $30
Seat Cap: 10

In-Store Sign-ups

Each entrant receives two HeroClix boosters. They use the contents of the boosters to construct a force and play their tournament

Thor and the Avengers take on Malekith and other Asgardian threats!
Based on the realms-shattering The War of the Realms event, this HeroClix set combines some of the coolest Thor stuff with the hottest game play of the year!
This 5-figure booster release features fan-favorite characters like Thor, Captain America, Mary Jane, Gamora, Wasp, Angela, Yondu, Nova, Black Widow, and more!
Avengers The War of the Realms has more characters with RALLY that was first introduced in X-Men Rise and Fall earlier this year as well as brand-new mechanics like Recruiter!

MISSION POINTS make a triumphant return, and players will unlock all-new ways to win!

Shifting Focus is back too, so players will get to plays many versions of their favorite characters!

Also find brand new “Legacy” cards for figures that might already be in your collection!


December 17, 2022

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