Masters, Minions and Tactics: a 5th Edition Supplement

October 20, 2022


A revised & expanded version of Masters and Minions, featuring new Masters and a focus on tactics. Made for GMs by GMs!

Masters, Minions and Tactics expands on our immensely popular Masters and Minions book. We’re taking what made the 5e book so popular and turning it up to 11 with even more great content for overworked and out-of-time GMs.

Masters, Minions and Tactics helps offset meta-gaming and is fun for new or experienced players.

  • Detailed NPCs, primarily focused on how the masters implement and use their minions.
  • New minions are unique. We love new monsters! Alternative minion types using traditional monsters are also suggested for Masters with a lot up their sleeves. *insert evil laughter here* 
  • Strategy tips and tactics.
  • Estimated book size: 170+ pages (hardback). The original book was 100 pages.

Expected Release: January 2023