MAZES Fantasy Roleplaying

June 14, 2021


A return to the classic sword & sorcery dungeon crawler with simple modern rules. A high quality hardcover, digital options, and more!

Mazes captures the original feel of fantasy roleplaying; and translates it into a vibrant, easy to understand, modern rules system. In Mazes, you pick a die, pick a class, answer a few questions – and you’re ready to play. Like an old school game, Mazes is focused on creativity and “rulings over rules”. As a modern game, the rules are consistent, extendable, and focused on the narrative. Together, this means that the rules are fast to learn, logical, and adjudicable without having to consult a rule book every five minutes.

Easy to learn, and easy to teach – Mazes is the perfect introduction to roleplaying, while still having enough teeth for even the gnarliest grognards. It’s time to get back in the dungeon!  

Expected Release: February 2022