MCP Separation Anxiety Narrative Event

February 28, 2022

Date: March 16th
Start Time: 5pm
End Time: 9pm
Cost: $5
Seat Cap: 8

While in transit to a secure S.H.I.E.L.D. facility, a transport ship containing several canisters of Klyntar symbiotes sent out a distress call before crashing unexpectedly. The cause of the crash remains unknown but now Crisis squads have converged upon the crash site – each trying to secure the symbiotes for their own reasons!

Separation Anxiety is a four-player narrative scenario, each player will build a squad of 11 threat and 3 tactics cards. Each squad will be battling in a free for all, while trying to capture escaped symbiotes. These symbiotes also have a mind of their own and will be moving independently, scouring the field for ‘willing’ hosts! Each symbiote will bring powerful abilities to enhance their host. But beware – symbiotes have no time for weakness and will abandon their host should they prove inadequate in combat.

This event is beginner player friendly! We’ve got a lot of people just learning how to play after a long time away. So if you are rusty on the rules – or haven’t even played a game yet – don’t hesitate to join in! You should give the rulebook a look to try and understand the basics (move, attack, super powers, etc…) but don’t worry if you don’t know how to play fully yet.

You should bring

  • A Crisis squad totaling 11 points
  • 3 Tactics cards(following normal tactic card selection rules)

A few event specific rules to consider(full rules will be covered on the day of the event)

  • All other players are opponents
  • When an effect tells your opponent to resolve something, the effect is resolved by the opponent on your left.
  • Players cannot pass
  • Priority works a little differently, there is no priority token – rather a custom priority tracker for this event.

Prize Support: Players who play at least one game of Separation Anxiety will receive their choice of promotional artwork card, Uneasy Allies or All Webbed Up. Playing a game fully painted will earn you both promotional cards. Playing a 2nd game of Separation Anxiety will allow you to either grab the 2nd promo card for this event – or if you are fully painted and already got both cards, you can grab a past promo card from the prize box(limited to whatever is currently in the prize box)

FAQ – What happens with an odd number of players?
In this case we will play 3 games. The odd number of players each round will play either an Ultimate Encounter(Hulk or Ultron) or a standard 2 player game. Bottom line – everyone who wants to, will be able to play 2 games of Separation Anxiety.


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