Mecha Manga

July 27, 2020

One of the most popular and enduring genres in manga (and anime) is mecha. These stories feature robots of some kind – from androids to gigantic mech suits that become an overpowered extension of the pilot within. If you love sci-fi and action, mecha manga is perfect for you! Ready to get reading? Check out some of our favorites below!

Knights of Sidonia: This incredible space opera takes place thousands of years in the future aboard the space vessel Sidonia, long after humankind has departed from earth. The protagonist, Nagate Tanikaze, becomes a pilot for one of the mechas that protect the Sidonia – enormous and complex weapons called Garde. Only these mecha have the capabilities needed to combat a hostile alien force which is wreaking havoc on the human race. 

Levius: In an alternate reality taking place in the 19th century, augmented robotic boxing known as “Metalboxing” has become the predominant sport in the Imperial City. The story follows Levius Cromwell, a young boxer training and fighting his way to the top of the ranks in a quest to achieve a Grade I promotion.

Getter Robo: In this series, three teenagers pilot three different “Getter” robotic combat jets that can combine together to form a larger super robot with a unique specialization (marine, ground, or flight). Together, they work to defeat the Dinosaur Empire, a race evolved from dinosaurs underground that has emerged to take back the surface of the earth.

Battle Angel Alita: This post apocalyptic cyberpunk series focuses on a female cyborg called Alita after she is discovered in a junkyard and revived. All she remembers is the unique cyborg form of martial arts called Panzer Kunst, and so she becomes an elite Hunter Warrior (a bounty hunter). The story follows both her slowly awakening memories and their meaning to her, as well as greater societal conflicts that exist due to the vast wealth gap present between those that live in the heaping sprawl on the ground, and the rich who live in the floating city of Zalem above. 

Mecha genre classics that are always worth recommending also include Neon Genesis Evangelion, Ghost in the Shell, andMobile Suit Gundam!

Whether you’ve read manga before or you’re new to the medium, these titles are sure to impress. All are action packed with stunning artwork, compelling characters, and incredible world building. Drop by and pick up the first volume (or three) and enjoy!