Meet Morbius

March 22, 2022

A new Marvel character is about to make a cinematic debut – but he’s not the kind you’re used to. Morbius “The Living Vampire” first appeared as an antagonist in The Amazing Spider-Man back in the early 1970’s.

Morbius is termed a “Living Vampire” because he is not actually undead. Although his powers mimic those of traditional vampires, his were acquired through a scientific experiment gone wrong. Originally, Morbius was a brilliant biologist by the name of Michael Morbius who suffered from a debilitating blood condition.

In an attempt to cure himself using a combination of vampire bat blood and electroshock therapy he acquires superhuman abilities. These abilities are pretty much tit for tat when compared to popular vampires of lore, including limited flight, accelerated speed and healing, night vision, enhanced strength, fangs and a thirst for blood! However, he cannot turn into a bat, and garlic, holy water, silver and crucifixes do not affect him.

Morbius is one of those characters that also crosses into antihero territory, even allying with Spider-Man for a brief encounter with Carnage. If you want to get familiar with Morbius before his theatrical release on April 1st, check out the latest Morbius: The Living Vampire series (2019), starting with Volume 01: Old Wounds.