February 9, 2020

DC’s most recent major film release may have you wondering exactly what you’re in for. Even the laymen these days know who Harley Quinn is, but outside of this quintessential character who are the others on this team? Well, you’re about to find out! 

First up is another character who may be familiar to comic readers, Black Canary. She is the alter ego of a woman named Dinah Drake, a Gotham resident with a metahuman cry and incredible martial artist. This character’s back story has been remade several times in her long history with DC (debuting in 1947), but she retains her rough and tumble attitude and top tier fighting skills throughout! Check her out in Black Canary: Kicking and Screaming!

Next we have Huntress. Originally this character was actually a villain in the DC universe! However, the movie features the Huntress Helena Bertinelli, which is a later version of the character that first appeared in the 1980’s. Her talents lie more on the vigilante side, relying on her own powers of prowess rather than any superhuman abilities. Check out more in the new Huntress: Origins TPB.

Then we have Cassandra Cain. A former Batgirl who eventually became the Black Bat, she’s the daughter of assassins and was raised mute in an attempt to make her the greatest assassin in the world. She’s an expert martial artist who in most recent continuity has adopted the moniker of Orphan. Check her out in Batgirl: A Knight Alone!

Rounding out the lineup is Renee Montoya, a former detective with the Gotham City Police who then became the successor to the Question. She is a skilled fighter who employs a variety of techniques including boxing, acrobatic and martial arts. Read up on her story in Gotham Central.

These breakdowns are in accordance with their past in comics, which can have a convoluted history at best, so we think that their adaptation to film has been an interesting and fairly accurate interpretation of the core of each of these characters. Check out Birds of Prey in theaters now and see how you think they compare!


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