MTG: Kaldheim Prerelease Booster Box Pre-orders

January 20, 2021

Pick-up Date(s): January 29th – Feb 4th
Cost: $110

Vikings. Gods. Myths. Legends. The new plane of Kaldheim brings the most heavy metal themed set to Magic the Gathering. Get ready to rock as older planeswalkers like Kaya and Tibalt make their returns along with two new Planeswalkers in Tyvar Kell and Niko Aris. In a cold land where Planeswalkers are considered Gods and tales are told of their exploits as legends and myths, plots are afoot of a weapon like no other being forged deep in the World Tree of Kaldheim. Raise your axe and prepare to forge your legend in Kaldheim!

Draft Booster boxes will be $110 only for preorders and only for prerelease week (January 29th – February 4th). Each draft booster box will come with the buy-a-box card (extended alternate-art foil Realmwalker) while supplies last. Do note this sale is only for complete draft booster boxes containing 36 draft booster packs.

You can preorder through our website, over the phone, or by coming into our store following our established safety procedures to put a box on layaway. As this item will be over $100 we will ask for a minimum 25% deposit which can be done when placing your preorder.

Buy-a-Box Promo: Extended Alternate-Art Foil Realmwalker


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