Coming Soon: Zendikar Rising

August 24, 2020

In the world of Magic the Gathering, Zendikar is a dangerous plane of lethal risks where brave adventurers delve into ancient ruins in search of priceless rewards. Zendikar Rising is the next MtG set to debut, and releases on September 25th. Although its storyline features no Eldrazi, we will see the ruin they have caused. From the perspective of its inhabitants, it is a hostile place that seems to be actively trying to kill the creatures that have the audacity to live there. The danger is unrelenting: precarious terrain, cunning predators, natural disasters on a massive scale, and the Roil — the unpredictable ripples of change that wash through the land — all present a constant challenge to survival.

Here are some of the products that Wizards of the Coast has announced for this set, and that are available to pre-order now:

Zendikar Rising Draft Booster Packs: The booster packs we all know and love! Draft Boosters are designed for use in Limited formats like Booster Draft and Sealed Deck. These booster packs have 15 cards from Zendikar Rising, are optimized for the draft format, and come in displays of 36 packs. 

Zendikar Rising Set Booster Packs: WotC has created a brand new booster pack type for Zendikar Rising called the Set booster. Set boosters are designed for fans who just like the thrill of opening booster packs to see what they can get. The Set booster display boxes will come with 30 packs each. Each of these unique booster packs contain the following:

  • 1x Zendikar Rising art card
  • 1x Zendikar Rising full-art basic land
  • 6x Zendikar Rising thematically connected commons and uncommons
  • 1x Zendikar Rising “head-turning” card (a Common or Uncommon card that’s a Showcase card or features a special element like alternative-art)
  • 2x Zendikar Rising wildcard rarity cards
  • 1x Zendikar Rising rare or mythic rare
  • 1x Zendikar Rising foil card
  • 1x  token, ad card, or card from The List.

The List, possibly the most interesting aspect of this product, is a group of reprinted Magic cards that can come from anywhere in Magic history. 

Zendikar Rising Theme Booster Packs: These booster packs contain 35 Zendikar Rising cards that are themed to fit a specific color or color pairing. 

Zendikar Rising Collector Booster Packs: The Collector boosters are loaded up with premium cards from the Zendikar Rising set. They come with 16 cards and a double-sided foil token.

Zendikar Rising Bundle: The traditional Bundle which comes with basic lands and draft boosters for players who want to explore the new set and get storage options. This Bundle comes with 10 Zendikar Rising Draft boosters, a 20 foil land pack, a 20 regular land pack, a foil promo card, 2 reference cards, a storage box, and an oversized Spindown life counter. 

Zendikar Rising Prerelease Pack: Prerelease Packs are made specifically for prerelease events run during the week of September 18. Each kit contains 6 Zendikar Rising Draft Booster packs, a foil promo-stamped rare or mythic rare from Zendikar Rising, and a Spindown life counter.

Zendikar Rising releases on September 25th, with prerelease events taking place the week prior, starting September 18th. Be sure you don’t miss out, and place a pre-order for any of these products today by ordering on our website, calling us, or placing the order in store at a register!

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