New Series Spotlight: Karmen

April 9, 2021

A brand new miniseries by Image has us impressed, and we highly recommend checking it out! Guillem March serves as both the writer and artist on this original story about an unconventional angel named Karmen. You may be familiar with this spanish creator as their previous work includes some heavy hitters from DC such as Batman, Harley Quinn and Catwoman.

This story follows Karmen as she takes a young woman under her wing after she experiences heartbreak. Karmen functions as a fresh twist on the ghost from Christmas past, present and future trope, and brings a playful attitude to some serious subject matter. It is a mature comic and meant for readers 18+ due to some of the heavy thematic elements and nudity.

This book is worth picking up just for the narrative itself, but when you take into account the stunning artwork it makes this comic a must have. March employs visuals that are dramatic and detailed, with vibrant colors and a distinct style perfectly suited to the story. The first issue is available now, with #2 set to release this Wednesday April 14th.