Spotlight On: Cascadia

August 4, 2022

This year's Spiel de Jahres winner is a gorgeous building game that has players construct a balanced ecosystem between both habitat and wildlife. 

This game has a solo option, and can be played with anywhere from 1-4 players. You play by building your terrain starting with 3 hexagonal habitat tiles, and on each next turn you choose a new habitat tile that's paired with a wildlife token, then place that tile next to your other ones and place the wildlife token on an appropriate habitat. You have to mix and match with what's available and therein lies the greatest challenge. You score points for creating the largest section of each habitat as well as for how well you are able to adhere to the randomized wildlife goal selected. 

This game is remarkably beautiful, featuring the wildlife and scenery of the Pacific Northwest (forests, rivers, mountains and woodland animals). Beth Sobel is the illustrator and she has brought something truly special to this game. It has a look that is simple, elegant and rustic all in one. If you're looking to bring the outdoors in this is definitely one to add to your library! Not only is it 2022's Spiel des Jahres winner, it was also crowned in 2021 year as the Golden Geek's Best Solo Game and Light Game of the year. Stop by and check it out today!