Coming Soon: Warhammer 40k Commander Decks

October 6, 2022

Magic the Gathering and Warhammer 40K are coming together to bring total war to Commander this weekend! There will be four different decks to choose from as follows:

Forces of the Imperium (blue, white, black): This deck introduces the Squad mechanic that allows paying an extra casting cost any number of times to make that many copies of the spell. Featured cards include Inquisitor Greyfax and Marneus Calgar. Players looking for a blue mana leaning deck will want to check this one out.

Tyranid Swarm (green, blue, red): The Swarmlord and Magus Lucca Kane will be included in this deck, which also introduces the Ravenous mechanic that allows players to draw a card from their X cost creatures if they spend five or more mana on X. Tyranid Swarm has tons of monsters, and will be an attractive choice for players drawn to green mana focused decks. 

Necron Dynasties (black): This is a straightforward black mana deck with The Silent King and The Stormlord featured as commanders. It uses the Unearth mechanic that allows you to return card(s) from your graveyard, but exiling it at the end step.

The Ruinous Powers (red, black, blue): Chaos Space Marines and Daemons led by Abaddon and the Dark Master! Ruinous Powers features the Cascade mechanic that allows you to cast nonland cards with lower mana value, from your library, without paying its mana cost. Players who like aggressive red mana decks will love playing with this one!

If you want to try your hand at playing one of these right away, we're hosting a Launch Party on Sunday to celebrate the release! This will be a casual, no cost event where players who participate in the event and purchase a Warhammer 40k commander deck will get a Fabricate promotional card for free by participating, while supplies last. Players can then organize and arrange themselves to play in pods with their new commander decks.

For players who have already purchased a Warhammer 40k deck from Dragon’s Lair Comics & Fantasy® Austin before this launch party, we ask that you come to the party with your commander deck and a copy of your receipt in order to receive your Fabricate promotional card. So if you're worried about getting the deck you want, you can pick it up Saturday and then come by Sunday to test it out. We hope to see you there!