Last Minute Shopping Suggestions

December 22, 2022

Looking to fill up those socks with just a few more goodies, or grabbing a gift for those last couple names on your list? Finish your list in one stop this week at Dragon's Lair! There's something here for everyone, and we'd love to help you find the perfect thing. Here are a few suggestions!

CCG Boosters: If you have a Magic the Gathering player or Pokemon fan in your household, you can't go wrong picking up a few booster packs for their favorite CCG! These are the perfect stocking stuffers – they pack a big punch of enjoyment while taking up a small amount of space!

Bahamut's Brew: Don't tell Tiamat, but we just got our own exclusive coffee Bahamut's Brew! This small batch Ethiopian based coffee is a fantastic way to start any morning. No matter if you're having fun storming your local castle, or up late reading on your latest spell scroll this coffee makes a perfect companion!

Dragonlance: This latest release from Dungeon's & Dragons is bound to be a hit as a gift for your fellow players or ever patient DM. This action packed setting is filled to the brim with epic heroes, terrifying villains, and the rules to bring any epic fantasy war to life!

Project Genius Puzzles: From disentanglement puzzles, to secret boxes, to puzzle games that are fun for the whole family, these beautiful puzzles are sure to get those gears turning! These are a great choice for stockings and as small gifts for white elephant parties, coworkers or teens.

Funko POP! Vinyls: These pop culture collectibles, accessories, and toys encompass such a wide variety of franchises that you are bound to find the perfect figure for whoever you're shopping for. We have everything from Star Wars to anime to classic characters from logos (ie. the Coca Cola Polar Bear) and so very much more.