Spotlight On: Star Wars X-Wing

December 8, 2020

Announcements from Disney made last week about so many new and exciting Star Wars projects in the works has us itching with anticipation. What do we do in these situations? Turn to games to fill that void! One of the most fantastic Star Wars games available is Star Wars X-Wing, a tactical ship to ship combat game where you fight it out as Rebel or Imperial fighters using intricate and detailed models. 

We love that this game allows you to create or recreate iconic battles, bringing those epic space skirmishes to life right on your tabletop! The miniatures themselves are just as well made as any collector toy series, and they even come pre-painted so there is no need to bust out the brushes (and time) to prepare your fleet for battle. 

Star Wars X-Wing gameplay consists of four phases; planning, activation, combat and end phase. Players simultaneously plan their moves by setting their ship dials and facing them down to keep their plans secret from one another. Each ship has its own special stats and maneuver dials that dictate their unique capabilities. Ships move in order of skill level, with more experienced pilots (say Han Solo) going at the end of the turn while novice TIE Fighter pilots fly first. The combat phase is the opposite, with the more experienced ships shooting first.

There are quite literally dozens of ships to choose from, and you may be a little daunted by the selection at hand if you’re just getting started. Have no fear! The perfect thing for you to pick up is the X-Wing Second Edition Core Set. While the ships are limited to basic TIE Fighters and a Rebel X-Wing, you’ll also be supplied with everything you need to play (dice, cards, dials, and rules) as well as get a feel for the game before deep diving into the vast array of other ships and accessories available. Still interested? Check out the Fantasy Flight Games tutorial video to get an even greater understanding of what this game entails!

Star Wars X-Wing is a game that is easy to learn, but difficult to master. This aspect, along with the incredible amount of variety open to you once you start expanding your ship collection, makes it one that you can spend years playing both casually and competitively. Treat yourself, a friend, or family member to both a game as well as an experience this holiday season!